Yard Sale X Lucy St.

Yard Sale X Lucy St.



I realize now that I keep this part of Lucy St. going for myself more than anyone else. Sure it’s a great way to talk about what’s currently going on in the shop, but this diary is also a great way to look back at what we’ve done over the last 10 months and clap it up for all of the growth that has taken place. The best part of all? Knowing that we are just getting started. 

We are now knee-deep in summer 2021  and it is taking everything I have not to say it’s a Hot Girl Summer (Shout out to Megan).

But like, that’s exactly what it’s been in more than one way. 

First, Lucy St. had its very first Pop-Up shop. As I type this, The Yard Sale x Lucyy St. Pop-up Shop has been installed for about a month inside the Wolfsonian Museum Design store, lookin’ all beautiful and disruptive.  Although the length of the Pop-up was originally going to be 30 days, We got an extension to remain in the space until the end of August (whoot, whoot!). I’m so proud of all of the work that went into the Pop-Up and all of the artists that collaborated on the experience. One of my favorite objects in the shop is a Limited-Edition mixtape that  


Here are some photos from the shop for you to enjoy: 

Secondly (and secretly), Lucy St. quietly dropped a Summer Capsule that is currently on sale exclusively inside of the Rubell Museum Giftshop here in Miami, Florida. That’s a big freaking deal. That collection was based on summers as a Black kid in Miami. Ice-cream and corner-store goodies that fueled those long days outside when your momma said “hit the door” and you knew that meant you couldn’t come back inside or you’d have to stay there.  Here is an image of one of my favorite pieces from the collection. If you want to see the rest you have to go visit the Rubell Museum in person. 


-Love til Next Time.


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